ProdIgY Biotech Inc. is a development-stage company advancing innovative treatments against infectious diseases based on it’s platform IgY technology. ProdIgY’s proprietary methodology produces highly effective and neutralizing polyclonal antibodies, which will help combat pathogens. Prodigy’s products are an effective alternative to antibiotics, and specifically target the pathogens in the body without affecting the normal flora.


Chickens (avian species) produce antibodies against antigens (foreign substances such as bacteria, viruses and proteins) similarly as humans do. However, chicken antibodies (IgY) have unique properties, which differentiates them from human antibodies (IgG).

Human pathogens have evolved to evade the host immune system to allow them to establish themselves in the host, and eventually cause harm (disease). Therefore human immune responses to pathogens are often insufficient or develop slowly to be effective in eliminating the disease causing pathogen(s). Pathogens that infect humans however, have not evolved to adapt itself to avian species, and hence avians produce robust immune responses against human pathogens when challenged. Furthermore and in contrast, unlike mammalian antibodies (IgG), avian IgYs when administered to humans do not cause immune complex-mediated reactions in the humans, such as cell activation or inflammation. Due to its widespread use in human diet, humans appear to have evolved to not produce an immune response to egg proteins and IgY, although there are instances of egg product allergy in some. Thus, the avian antibody platform provides an unique oral therapeutic treatment option, with very high efficacy and with virtually no adverse effects.


Human prophylactic

Dairy cows prophylactic

White Spot disease

The Prodigy platform offers five key benefits
Oral consumption of our product is effective - Mode of action is rapid.
Prevents generation of resistance to therapy.
IgY is approved by FDA as GRAS.
Should be easily scalable
Its cost effective to the consumer


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